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Make Yourself Known to Your College of Choice (EARLY)

When I first started listening to college admissions people, I was surprised to hear some of the criteria that could make or break a student’s application. You know those little cards you can fill-out to request more information? Those can be more important than you think.

Colleges keep databases on their applicants and potential applicants. Each time you reach out and touch their school it is noted in the database of the admissions office. Those little information cards are important to them. Whenever you return one, it is one more checkmark in their database. Send one in every year.

College visits? Let them know you were there! Inquires about majors, questions about financial aid, all are tracked and noted.

How about those little emails you get from the university? Open and answer every one! They can tell if you open and read it and if there is a survey or a question, RETURN IT!

Attend college sponsored events in your area and make yourself known to those that are there.

Most of all, get to know the recruiter in your area. Get on their Facebook page, email list, phone list…everything. Make it so they know who you are. This will let them know that you are interested in their institution and that will generate an interest in you!

© 2015 Roger D. Chamberlain

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