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Hotspots on Your College Application

concentration-16032_1920What are hotspots? When an admissions person is quickly looking over your application, they can be looking for hotspots. Hotspots are really just pieces of information that make you stand out above the rest of the applicants. If you think you have a hotspot, make sure it stands out in your application.

Ethnic Background. This may or may not work for you. Some colleges that already have a very diverse student population may not view this as important. Whether you think it may help you or not, if you come from a different ethnic background it won’t hurt you to say so. Make sure it comes out in your application.

The Major You Plan to Pursue. Colleges are looking to balance their academic programs so if you are pursuing a major in an area they are looking for, make sure you let the know in the application.

Family Background. The legacy factor is when you are related to someone who attends or already attended the college you are applying to. Parents or siblings who graduated from the institution are a hotspot for colleges and could be the tie-breaker for you.

Academic Honors and Activities. Put what you are good at in your application
somewhere. They will get your classes and grades off your transcripts but be sure and put academic clubs and organizations on your application.


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