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Your High School Senior Year

Ok, you’re a senior. You made it. Right? Well, the work isn’t done. Now it is time to


finish all the work you have done over the past years. Don’t stop now!

You should set up a calendar with important dates. These dates will include standardized tests (if you still need to take one), college application deadlines, college visitation days and anything else you need to plan for. Don’t guess at dates! College application deadlines  are getting earlier and earlier.

Sign up for the SAT or ACT if you still need to. You can retake these now if you missed it in the spring of your junior year or if you are disappointed with your score. If you don’t do well on it, it doesn’t mean your college dream is over. College admissions people look at a variety of criteria. Now you will need to make the rest of your application look even better.

Complete college applications in the fall. Start them early so if you have a question you still have time to get the answer. Admissions offices are happy to help you but they cannot give you time when the deadline is only a few days away. Start early! Complete them thoroughly.  Make sure all questions are answered and your essay is complete and proofread. Work with your high school counselor on transcripts and make sure the admissions office has everything complete. If you have omitted something that is required you may be eliminated from consideration.

Some applications require recommendations from people who know you. Although they may know you, they probably don’t know everything about you. Give them a short bio of your classes, GPA, activities, interests and awards. This will help them get started and write a more complete recommendation.

Complete the FAFSA financial aid form. More will come on this in another article but this is the most important document you can complete when it comes to financial aid. I would like to make a note that you do not need a special service to do this for you. The application takes less than a half hour to complete and having a third party do it for you does not lend it any more weight or importance than it does when you do it yourself. Save your money for books.

© 2013 Roger D. Chamberlain

Roger Chamberlain
Roger Chamberlain works for a university helping low income and under represented high school students prepare for and be successful in college.
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