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The College Admissions Picture

Colleges use most if not all of the information below when evaluating students for college discussion admission. Colleges differ with how much emphasis they put on each of the items. Some colleges or universities may place most of the emphasis on GPA or test scores while others may place more importance on test scores and strength of classes.

Grade Point Average
Strength of Classes
ACT/SAT Scores
Class Rank
Personal Essay

GPA has always been thought of as the best way to your college of choice but many schools are using other information as important criteria. The GPA may only get you up to the door of the admissions office. Test scores are a major factor. The personal essay is also becoming more important. As more people find it necessary to return to college to upgrade their skills, admissions must find ways to be more selective. Remember, the admissions person reading your file only has what you provide them to make that decision. They don’t know you except for the words on the application and personal statement. You must make yourself stand out from the thousands of applications received every year.

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Roger Chamberlain
Roger Chamberlain works for a university helping low income and under represented high school students prepare for and be successful in college.
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