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Athletes, College and the NCAA

Student-athletes must complete appropriate course work in order to qualify for NCAA programs. Therefore, it’s important that you and the school’s coaches monitor changes in NCAA course work requirements and communicate such changes to your student-athletes.

Visit the NCAA Eligibility Center, the authoritative source for more details.

For Division I Schools:

16 core courses which include:

4 years of English
3 years of math which must be algebra I or higher
2 years of science including one year of lab science if offered
1 extra year of English, math or science
2 years of social science
4 additional one year courses in any of the above categories or a foreign language.

  • All students entering college must have completed 16 core courses in high school.
  • Students must earn a minimum required GPA in core courses and a combined SAT or ACT sum score that matches this GPA on a sliding scale, which can be found in the NCAA Eligibility Center Quick Reference Guide (.pdf/270K).

The NCAA is very strict on these requirements and colleges and universities have compliance departments that monitor students. When you want to play college athletics, make sure you know the requirements. They are probably different from high school graduation requirements. Colleges and universities may be sanctioned by the NCAA if they have a student play on a team who is not NCAA eligible.

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Roger Chamberlain works for a university helping low income and under represented high school students prepare for and be successful in college.
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