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5 Tips to Get Your Middle School Student Ready for High School

1.  Work hard in your core classes.

All middle school students should take math, science, English and social studies. Most middle school students will tell you that grades in middle school don’t mean anything. The fact is the grades you get in middle school determine what classes you take in high school. If you goofed around in middle school, you may find yourself excluded from the best classes in high school.

2.  Take Advanced Classes If Possible.

Find out if you can take more advanced classes. It is not unusual for advanced middle school students to take algebra or geometry. Taking these classes in middle school will qualify you to take more advance math in high school.

3.  Take Elective That Interest You.

Music, art or computers are all electives that kids are interested in. Find your interest and get a well rounded education.

4.  Get Involved in at Least One Activity at School.

Getting involved will help you meet more students and teachers than you otherwise would not have. Colleges like to see students that are involved in activities outside the classroom.

5.  Get to Know At Least One Adult At School.

Get to know your school counselor, adviser or teacher well. This can be a person you can ask for advice or who can be your advocate at school to help you with a class or activity. They will help you prepare for high school.

© 2013 Roger D. Chamberlain

Roger Chamberlain
Roger Chamberlain works for a university helping low income and under represented high school students prepare for and be successful in college.
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